PR and promotional campaigns related to the book

Marija Klasiček is a well-known columnist from Zagreb, who after her literary debut "Po rubovima duše" published the book "Darkness", the first part of the Beskraj duology, in her own "Sunce library". The second part of the duology is planned for 2022.

As an agency, we are not only in charge of designing the promotional campaign and all activities related to it, but we are also a partner of both projects, together with the design studioKreativni kotačićwhich is again responsible for the visual impression of the book as well as the design of the promotional materials.

We are actively dedicated to presenting the author and her titles through the media: (web portals, newspapers, television, radio stations), and have so far successfully arranged interviews, television and radio guest appearances, and are in the process of designing live promotions and themed literary evenings.

Knjiga "Tama" novi naslov Marije Klasiček

Knjiga: "Po rubovima duše"About the book:

Darkness is the second book with which the author Marija Klasiček presents her peculiar, somewhat mystical style of writing to the general public.

The book is written as prose in the form of short notes and stories, combined into a whole in which the author talks about personal experiences, shipwrecks, disappointments and challenges. It is part of the Beskraj duology, and represents the human face and reverse, a kind of yin and yang.

Although the book is by no means self-help literature, because the author does not make suggestions but personal impressions, it is now recognized as a book for the soul, which heals, provides refuge and answers to many questions that every woman asks herself at some point in her life.

It is a story about life, love, business success and the way a young woman learns to balance between sometimes irreconcilable parts of life, between her own desires and the expectations of the environment, the will of the soul and the stereotypes of society.

The book is full of beautiful illustrations that are the work of the famous designer Maja Škiljaica, as well as a wonderful cover that symbolizes the spirit emerging from the Darkness in search of light.

Knjiga "Tama" novi naslov Marije Klasiček