PR and promotional campaigns related to the book

Marija Klasiček is a well-known columnist from Zagreb, whose literary debut "Po rubovima duše" was published under the auspices of Fragment Publishing in May 2020.

In cooperation with the design studio "Kreativni kotačić” we designed the visual identity of the entire promo campaign accompanying the book, and dedicated ourselves to presenting it through the media: (web portals, newspapers, television, radio stations), and so far we have successfully arranged dozens of interviews, television and radio guest appearances, and we continue to work on the project.

In addition to creating and arranging literary evenings and guest appearances, where the author presents the book and her work live in front of her audience, we continue with promotional activities in the media and through major literary events and festivals such as Interliber.

Knjiga: "Po rubovima duše"

Knjiga: "Po rubovima duše"About the book:

"On the edges of the soul" is a collection of the most read columns that the author wrote for domestic and regional women's portals. In them, she presents her thoughts, life experiences, but also a review of the position of women in modern society.

Given that she is a popular artist, the task of presenting her work was a completely new challenge, as it required work in several areas at the same time.

As the campaign unfolded, we took care of all the brands and projects that this young, talented author has, and we are now also in charge of her personal PR and management.

Knjiga: "Po rubovima duše"