Every year we organize the Flower Festival ``Floria'', which has an exhibition and sales character

The festival gathers growers of seedlings and garden programs, perennials, ornamental plants and other related producers and is traditionally held every year in Rijeka.

In addition to growers, it also gathers plant lovers, who find here ideas on how to decorate their gardens and allotments, but it is also a place where you can find seedlings of young fruit trees for your orchards.

"Floria" is also an interesting event that brings together the whole family, where ladies find seedlings for their decorative planters and where every year you can learn something new about growing and caring for plants, and discover still unknown types of flowers.

We are proud that every year the organizers engage us again and again to implement their ideas and wishes related to the festival.

We try to gather interesting breeders, provide them with an interesting sales and exhibition space, and all the necessary accompanying contents, as well as an interesting program.

In addition to the organization itself, we are also responsible for the promotion of the festival and its exhibitors, which makes this festival an interesting challenge, because we always try to surpass ourselves and provide visitors with an exceptional, useful and educational experience.